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Let's connect again ... together.

Each fall, we invite our congregations back to church. This fall is especially poignant since we've felt so acutely separated during the pandemic.

This ad campaign speaks into those extraordinary circumstances and invites people to connect with our communities of faith. The campaign was especially designed with new media in mind — and you'll notice a lot of the videos are in a vertical format for easy sharing across video social media platforms.

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Why we advertise

Our goal is to create awareness of The United Methodist Church and encourage people to attend a local church during the fall season. We hope to reach people who are searching for a voice of positivity, community and connection.

Campaign highlights

The fall campaign is currently running in select markets across the jurisdictions on various media platforms. New to the media mix this year is TikTok, and we have created videos specific to this platform.

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Additional Videos for Social Media

Download and share the videos below on your social media channels, your website, or as a part of your worship service. Videos labeled vertical are designed to use with TikTok and Instagram while the horizontal versions are meant for Facebook, YouTube or other widescreen (16:9) formats. 

Hectic Mom (15 seconds)

Backpack (15 seconds)

Guitar guy (15 seconds)

Social Media Graphics

Use these coordinating graphics to post on your social media channels and website. There are multiple image options, and each one is available in several sizes.

Hectic Mom 

Back to Church Campaign, 2021: Hectic mom social media graphic

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Guitar guy

Back to Church Campaign, 2021: "Guy with guitar" social media graphic

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How can we help?

Have questions about the campaign or are interested in exploring how you can advertise in your local area? Talk to us!

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