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An invitation to prayer

Sponsored by SBC21 and The Black Church Matters’ coaches, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. Each video features a different Black Church Matters’ coaches reading and reflecting on a different Scripture passage.

We invite persons to be guided by the prayer starter and then take a 5-10 minute pause to hear from God. Keep paper and pen close by to take note of how God speaks to you (audible voice, a memory, a song, etc.)

#BeUMC Theme: Jesus-seeking

Church leaders are invited to utilize this resource for spiritual formation and collective prayer with their congregations based on the #BeUMC monthly content themes. You can download the videos to use in your worship and classroom settings as well as on your social media channels. 


Day 1: PS. 119:10 (Desiring God)

Yvette Massey describes the ideal desire of the Christian heart to constantly seek after God.


Day 2: Deut. 4:29 (Heart and Soul)

Rhonda Kingwood reflects on the faith of the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years and what it can teach Christians today.


Day 3: Isa. 55:6 (Call upon the Lord)

Felicia Laboy reminds us to call upon God moment-by-moment as we go about our daily routine.


Day 4: Jer. 29:11-13 (Faith and Patience)

Twanda King encourages us that as we wait for God to answer our prayers we may already find God present in our lives in ways we did not expect.


Day 5: 1 John 5:14-15 (The Meaning of Prayer)

Eric King reminds us how prayer is not a laundry list of demands for God, but one of the ways in which we express our faith in God.


Day 6: Rom. 12: 1-2 (Transformation)

Yaw Baku (Anthony Everett) speaks from Accra, Ghana contrasting the cruel historic injustices of slavery with the freedom which Christians enjoy in service to God.


Day 7: James 1:5 (Ask God)

Clarence Brown compares the challenges both the early church and modern Christians face. In all our struggles, we must ask God for wisdom.

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