UMC Local Church services provides grants to local churches seeking to improve their social media marketing

Expand your Facebook presence
with the help of a grant

Does your church use a Facebook page to connect and engage
the community outside of your building, but needs help with content and posts?
This Facebook Grant opportunity offers one year of content that will keep your page active and engaging – posts will automatically appear four or six times per week! Four content focus options are available, including one option for Spanish-speaking congregations.

Grant guidelines
This grant opportunity is available for churches who:
Did not receive a Facebook Grant from United Methodist Communications in 2018/2019
Already have an established, active Facebook page; grant-provided posts are not intended to be the sole content on a page that has been inactive or will be inactive outside of grant-provided posts
If your church meets both of these qualifications, please review further details about this opportunity below! 

Act quickly – there are a limited number of grants available!

Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers:

Q: Can our church change tracks after we get started?
A: Yes! If at any time you would prefer to be on a different track, you can simply request a change up to once per month at no additional charge.

Q: Is every track unique from the others?
A: Each track has a different theme, with all tracks based on the core message of Christ; there may be times a post is appropriate for more than one track.

Q: Who writes the content for the posts?
A: A team of theologically trained social media experts work hard to make sure each post is appropriate for, and meaningful to, your church.

Ready to Get Started?

Begin the application process by completing the form below.

Available Content Tracks 
As part of the Facebook Grant, you can choose the type of content that you’d like to host on your church’s Facebook page. Explore the four available options below and select the track that is best for your church’s communication plans:


The Lectionary track is perfect for churches who use the lectionary, as well as any church that wants to exclusively post Scripture. The lectionary track posts 4 times per week, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, using passages leading to the upcoming Sunday. It may also include occasional holiday posts (such as Epiphany, Christmas and Good Friday)

Sample Posts
UMCom Local Church Services Social Media Grants – Lectionary Track



What church couldn’t use more ways to inspire their members? With Bible verses, encouraging quotes and thought-provoking questions, the Uplift & Encourage track includes 4 posts per week, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, centered around the idea of building strength in your congregation and providing motivation to press on in faith, no matter what life brings.
Sample Posts

Uplift & Encourage Track


Want to spark your community into action for God’s Kingdom? The Live Faith track offers 4 posts per week, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, using Bible verses, questions and challenges to empower the congregation to impact their community with the love of Christ.

Sample Posts

Live Faith Track


Can’t choose just one track? No problem! The Victory track includes 6 posts per week, Monday – Saturday, and features a selection of posts from all of the above tracks. Your Facebook followers will see seasonal Bible verses, thought-provoking questions and encouragement to work for good in the Kingdom of God!

Sample Posts

Victory Track