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Social Media Services and Graphic

Social media is your church’s new front door

With billions of users across multiple platforms, social media provides endless opportunities to reach new people and build community. Whether your church is just getting started or has had a Facebook page for years, we can provide coaching sessions, suggestions for improvement tailored to your context, or even run social ads for you!

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Social media is a powerful ministry tool, allowing churches to connect with people right where they are. An effective social media presence may be the difference in someone visiting your church for the first time or finding another one down the street.  If you need help getting started or are looking for strategies to more effectively reach new people online, we are here to help!

The Local Church Services Team at United Methodist Communications offers services like:

  • Account creation and setup if you're just getting started.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to learn how you can better utilize your social media accounts.
  • Custom social media graphics to use on your church’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.
  • Audits of your overall social media presence and recommendations for improvement.
  • Social advertising campaigns to promote events, increase account followers, and expand your organic reach.

Our work together will begin with a consultation on how we might best support the social media marketing efforts for your local church. We’ll be there to empower you with the latest digital tools so you can inform, encourage, and transform your community in new and exciting ways.

Learn more about our available services in our Social Media Services Guide.

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