Getting Ready for Your Unwrap Christmas Events

Planning Your Unwrap Christmas Event
Planning Your Unwrap Christmas Event

Families and individuals in your community are seeking meaningful relationships and connections. United Methodist Communications is excited to work with your congregation as you reach out with invitational messages, acts of love and encouraging words.

Let's get started by:

  • Identifying the key audience for outreach
  • Launching detailed planning steps
  • Tuning in to training

Who is your audience?

Spiritual seekers. These individuals are characterized as people who are not currently active in the life of a local church, who are searching for opportunities for connection to others in their community, and who are thirsting to find deeper meaning in their daily lives. Spiritual seekers are in every community around the world. You can learn more about them through our research!

Reaching out to spiritual seekers with warm invitations is the first step in connecting with them, hoping that they will visit your church to check out a worship service, event, etc.

Plan and promote

Dream of an event that will reach members of the community who might be seeking a church home. The possibilities for Unwrap Christmas events are endless so that your church can plan one that best relates to your community. Where do many people already gather? Where can you plant seeds of invitation and open doors for relationships?

Unwrap Christmas event examples include:

  • Free cocoa stand in a busy shopping area
  • Booth at a popular festival
  • Table along a race route
  • Float in a parade
  • Toy giveaway or food packaging event
  • Holiday music concert in a park
  • Live nativity scene

Get set for a successful Unwrap Christmas event by downloading our event Planning Guide that outlines:

  • How to plan an effective outreach event
  • Volunteer recruitment tips and internal communication tools
  • Ideas for using grant-provided customized outreach resources and promotional tools
  • Awareness-building tips and templates (social media and publicity)

View event guide

Tune in to a training session

Discover more tips, best practices and details about making your event successful during a special Unwrap Christmas training opportunity. Tune in to on October 16 at noon Central Time to watch a live discussion with experts in local church marketing and spiritual seeker outreach.

Are you looking for a resource that's not provided here? Do you have questions? Let us know what you need! Email us at [email protected].