Unwrap Christmas webinar: Planning Advent outreach

Learn how to connect with your community this Christmas through a meaningful outreach event.

Thank you for partnering with us to host an Unwrap Christmas event!

We are grateful that you’ve chosen to participate in this exciting effort to extend invitations to people in your community.

Spiritual seekers – individuals and families who do not have a church home, but are seeking hope, connections and deeper meaning in life – are present in every community around the world. Reaching out to them with messages of love and welcome greatly boosts the likelihood that they will visit your church’s worship services or events to see if your congregation is a good fit for them. Learn more about spiritual seekers through our research!

An Unwrap Christmas event is an excellent way to reach out, and we pray that the work we do together will be a blessing to your church and community this year.

Are you ready to unwrap the true meaning of Christmas? We are! Let’s get started! This planning guide will help you prepare for a successful event.

Download Guide (PDF)

Contact us with any questions at [email protected].