Website Development Packages

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No website? Let us help.

We’ve provided tools and expertise to help more than 880 United Methodist churches establish new websites in the past two years!

Website Development Packages are for local United Methodist churches who do not currently have a website.

Through this new initiative, United Methodist Communications offers the following:

  • One year of our SILVER web hosting package,
  • One year of domain name registration,
  • Free WordPress online training through UMCOM,
  • Free online support throughout your training and during your year of web hosting,
  • Free pre-designed templates for easy development of your new website,
  • Package includes 5 email accounts connected to your domain, 5GB of storage and one year of ID Protection.

United Methodist Churches who wish to replace their current website with a WordPress site may also apply. You can transfer your present URL, but please understand that you will have to rebuild your entire website on WordPress. Transferring a URL does not mean that the content transfers with it. All pages and functions will have to be rebuilt. Please consider this carefully before you apply.

If your church is a current UMCom web hosting customer, you will only be eligible for the free online training portion of the grant.

PLEASE NOTE: Basic computer skills and some understanding of uploading content to website templates will be needed to complete the course and build your website. Make sure those taking the course and/or acting as your church website coordinator(s) have these skills before you apply.

Central Conference Churches: We are currently accepting applications for Episcopal Area offices only. 

All packages are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

NOTE: If you are a two or three point charge and want to have separate websites for each church, you will need to fill out a separate application for each church.

Questions? Email: [email protected]

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