Bishop Hope Morgan Ward listens intently to the words of Fred Brewington. Participants at the fall Connectional Table meeting debate inclusiveness in The United Methodist Church in relation lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The meeting took place Nov. 18-20 at the United Methodist Board of Discipleship in Nashville, Tenn. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Our Impact

The work of discerning and articulating vision, and stewarding the mission, ministries and resources of The United Methodist Church helps to energize and equip our church to carry out its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Connectional Table's (CT) work has focused on enhancing our worldwide nature while bringing vitality and effectiveness to every level of our global church.

Accomplishments, 2017-2020

  • Moved forward with a new adaptive leadership approach designed to help us thrive in this challenging environment. This approach will better align our work and build our capacity to innovate and change.
  • Created a proposal for a U.S. Regional Conference that can provide a forum for discussion and action on legal, administrative and financial matters pertaining only to the church in the United States. The CT supports increased regional autonomy worldwide so that all parts of the church can engage in fruitful, contextual ministry that will transform our world and nurture disciples.
  • In 2020, the CT implemented a new mission-focused, values-based process to allocate the denomination’s budget. This process was designed to create a budget that could better focus our work as a global church, help us maintain our core mission, and thrive.
  • Collaborated with the Council of Bishops, United Methodist foundations, agencies and other partners on the formation of a new Missional Strategy Team, which will develop processes for determining new missional direction and strategy, focusing on innovation, and fostering adaptive experiments.
  • Collaborated with the Council of Bishops and the agencies through the work of the Strategic Team to bring vitality and purpose to the connection by strengthening ministries in the Four Area of Focus: leading where God calls; making new disciples in new places; overcoming poverty together; and seeking health and wholeness for all.  
  • Reviewed and evaluated the missional effectiveness of general program-related boards, agencies and commissions which collectively seek to aid annual conferences and local churches in fulfilling the mission of The United Methodist Church (BOD ¶905). This allowed us to move towards vital and effective ministries at all levels of the church, learning about strengths, refining programs and approaches, and reflecting on failures and successes of the past. CT's Agency Evaluation Report
  • Approved nearly $1 million in contingency funds for the general program agencies to support emerging ministries. The funds were focused on increasing vital congregations through the Four Areas of Focus and expanding our ministry capacity as a worldwide connection.

Accomplishments, 2013-2016

  • Worked with GCFA to help develop a Global Apportionment formula.
  • Worked with the Council of Bishops to form a collaboration group on vital congregations and a strategic team designed to help connect strategies and build relationships among those working on building vital congregations that bear fruit in the Four Areas of Focus. 
  • Engaged in a process of listening and understanding on matters related to the church’s impasse over how to be in ministry with LGBTQIA+ persons. This resulted in 2016 General Conference legislation designed to give the church more flexibility in including LGBTQIA+ persons in the life and ministry of the church.
  • In our effort to be more worldwide, we submitted legislation to General Conference to create a General Church Council as a successor to the Connectional Table.

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