Europe Regional Discussions

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Map of the Europe Central Conference of The United Methodist Church
Map of the Europe Central Conferences, along with episcopal areas and annual conferences.

European United Methodism stretches across a continent and is shared by people of many different ethnicities, languages and nationalities. Though religious minorities within their own countries, European United Methodists are bold in their ministries on behalf of the poor, immigrants, human rights and religious freedom. Contextualizing and lifting up the many voices of European United Methodism is the primary goal of these discussions.

Map of the Europe Central Conference of The United Methodist Church

Imagining the future

Imagining the Future: Europe Context

The numerous historical, political and cultural differences of the many different nations in Europe, and their different languages, has shaped their interpretation of both scripture and church life. This document from the European coordinating committee seeks to address the unique and diverse concerns of European United Methodists.

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Register for one of several discussion groups scheduled for November. Groups are limited to 30 participants, and registration ends November 10, 2021.

Discussions will be guided by six core questions. Download the questions below.

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