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Be Just. Be Green: 13 Steps to Sustainability

UMW Climate Justice Jurisdictional Guides. Courtesy of UMW.
UMW Climate Justice Jurisdictional Guides. Courtesy of UMW.

United Methodist Women developed the "13 Steps to Sustainability" to help churches practice just and sustainable energy and resource use at public events/meetings. There are measurable, practical steps to developed with experts' guidance and experienced national office staff.

The 13 steps are as follows:

  • Principle 1: Accessibility
  • Principle 2: Affordability
  • Principle 3: Carbon Footprint
  • Principle 4: Healthy Food and Beverages
  • Principle 5: Just Economic Opportunities
  • Principle 6: Local Solidarity
  • Principle 7: Multigenerational Inclusion
  • Principle 8: Paper Use
  • Principle 9: Racial Justice
  • Principle 10: Toxin Reduction
  • Principle 11: Waste Reduction
  • Principle 12: Water Use
  • Principle 13: Well-being of Participants

Along with descriptions and practicals tips for each principle, UMW has a suggested Bible study, videos, a planning events guide and self-measurement survey. Find these and other resources here.

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