Branding/Logo Service


United Methodist branding can make a real difference for your church or ministry, and United Methodist Communications offers branding and logo development services at no additional cost to you.

Simply put, we will develop a standard logo for your use in print and online. We encourage all United Methodist entities to request this service, which is available thanks to your World Service dollars.

Our hope is that you will place the logo on your church's website homepage, Sunday bulletins, signage, promotional items (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.) and more.

Why do we feel so strongly about this, and why does the logo matter so much? Here are 4 good reasons:

  • Your logo is your face to the community, representing everything your church or ministry stands for.
  • Joining your church to the United Methodist Cross and Flame links your congregation to the global church.
  • Unified branding has helped to increase positive perceptions of our denomination by 15 percent from 2011 to 2015. Recent research indicates that people assign more favorable feelings to brands they recognize.
  • Our branding strategy gives top billing to your local church while also noting our global connection. So your congregation promotes its unique name and brings attention to The United Methodist Church at the same time.

Your logo plays a large role in supporting your church. With a UMC-branded logo, you gain a memorable visual identity that is versatile, distinct and immediately recognizable throughout your community.

If your church is interested, we’re ready to help. To place your request, please email with a description of what is required. Include your church’s name, city and state, and any vision statement or tagline associated with your church. 

The final product you receive from United Methodist Communications will include high-resolution logos in full color, all-white and all-black versions.