Church Christmas Cards Show Care to Prisoners

It's as easy as writing a few encouraging words and signing your name. Leaders of the Prison Ministries team in Eastern Pennsylvania want to remind us that “Everybody Can Do Something.” They have created Christmas cards and encouraged church members in their area to take a little time and inscribe some to give to prisoners.  The gesture "sends a powerful message of God’s love to those who are incarcerated and remind them of their identity as God’s sons and daughters at a time at which they may be feeling very much alone," according to one of the organizers.

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Visit the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference website for more information and to download printable cards. The cards are carefully designed with words and images pre-approved by prison authorities. Suggested greetings and instructions are provided. 

The New York Annual Conference heard about Eastern PA’s Christmas cards for inmates project and launched a similar program. Organizers hope more churches and annual conferences will join the effort.

This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.
Media contact is Fran Walsh, 615-742-5458.

This video was first posted on December 2, 2016.