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Effective Ministry 360

Effective Ministry 360 Background. Courtesy of GBHEM. 2019.
Effective Ministry 360 Background. Courtesy of GBHEM. 2019.

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry created Effective Ministry 360 (EM360) to help local churches identify areas of success that they wish to enhance or duplicate. Effective Ministry 360 (EM360) is a formation process to support pastors and congregations in meeting annual conferences’ and local churches’ mission and ministry goals. By focusing on the positive, leaders will see their natural strengths and passions, which they can use to set realistic goals and benchmarks for future ministry.

EM360 is the result of over a decade of research to find the best ways to enhance ministry success. The process begins with a survey administered to the pastor, the staff-parish committee, district superintendent and other peer groups. Each individual group is asked to evaluate of the pastor's work and attributes. The staff-parish committee will review the analyzed reported of the results and use it to set new ministry goals in consultation with the pastor. District superintendent and bishops can review the reports to see how ministry goals are being met across a district or annual conference.

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