New Church Start packages

New focus for grants

We realize there are many new church communities forming and they want to make their presence known in the community. In an effort to help as many churches as possible, we have restructured our New Church Grants.

Our emphasis for this grant is focused on community outreach and establishing your presence in the community. We are asking new church applicants to identify at least two (2) community events that they will attend in order to promote their new church. Our grant specialists will work with you to identify promotional materials that will fit your needs to best market your church to the community.

New Church Start grants are a one-time, non-monetary grant awarded to new faith communities within the first five (5) years of their launch.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a grant, we ask that your church meet the following criteria:

  • Be a United Methodist Church sanctioned by your annual conference as a new church start.
  • Fall under the definition of a new church start as outlined by Path 1 at the General Board of Discipleship
  • Be a new church community, or a newly organized place of worship for making disciples of Jesus Christ (grants are not provided for 2nd services of established UM churches)
  • Be within the first five (5) years of development
  • Develop a core leadership team, a communications strategy and other systems for sustainability
  • Be willing to have a church presence at two (2) community events in the current year
  • Be willing to complete an online follow-up evaluation
  • Provide photos showing use of grant items (ex. attendance at a local event, use of promotional items, etc.) 
Start the grant application process

Examples of promotional items available

  • coffee mugs
  • travel mugs
  • water bottles
  • coffee sleeves or koozies
  • tote bags
  • pens
  • t-shirts
  • banners
  • yard signs
  • and more!

All items can be customized with your church name, church logo, and your church website (your Facebook or Find-A-Church URL can be used if you do not yet have a website). 

Some of the larger items can display your church slogan if it fits the specifications of the item. You can also choose the color you want to match your churches identity (depending on the colors that are available for an item).

For more information, email [email protected].

Available in Spanish