Discipleship Ministries

Online Worship Music Collection FAQs

The purpose of this Collection is to allow churches to legally access and use the myriad of online worship music videos that have been produced over the last several months. 

The goals of the Collection are to:

  • Help churches access the great videos that others are providing for worship.
  • Create good stewardship of time and effort into making one video which can now be used by many.
  • Promote unity and diversity within the UMC.
  • Educate users on the proper and legal use of online music materials.
  • Provide a great way for these agencies and organizations to be in ministry with the local church.

Other Questions? Email us [[email protected]] and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 

What music will I find in the Collection?

The Collection is starting with virtual choir videos but, depending on use, may expand into other music including hymns, songs, and instrumental selections.

How does it work?

Authorized users can add videos that your church has created and/or access videos from other churches to use in your online worship services. The videos will be stored in a password-protected Vimeo Showcase collection where you can search for music using a variety of criteria. After you download the file from Vimeo, you can add it into your online worship service in whatever format you employ (YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.)

How do I get access to the collection?

To become an authorized user of the collection:

  1. Complete the online Authorized User Request Form [FORM LINK]. (NOTE: This form is best completed on a computer or tablet.)
  2. Email your proof of podcast / streaming license to the collection administrator, Carol Ann Smolka.

All churches participating must provide evidence of an active podcast / streaming license offered by either CCLI or ONE LICENSE. Once the online form is completed and your proof of license is received, you’ll receive the appropriate access information and passwords.

Can any church participate?

Any church regardless of denomination can participate. However, the videos in the collection may only be used in online worship services shared prior to June 1, 2021. This date may be extended depending on pandemic worship practices and other considerations.

How do I search the collection?