Special Edition: Black History Month

Did you know we have a United Methodist Church ad in a special edition of USA Today? Rethink Church believes in encouraging conversations that build understanding and inspire reconciliation. 

In 1968, Del Sheilds hosted a United Methodist produced radio talk show called Night Call. The church sought to ease tension after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, so people could call into the show and share their thoughts on race relations. Learn more about Night Call and listen to episodes at rethinkchurch.org/nightcall. Whether on a call-in radio show in the 60s or on Rethink Church social media platforms today, United Methodists have always encouraged compassionate discussion to help us rethink our perceptions, break down walls and reach across the divides. 

Rethink Church believes we should carry on the path that Night Call started by continuing to have groundbreaking conversations on race.  Our hope is to encourage conversations that build understanding and inspire reconciliation. Here are some resources to use in your churches to begin the discussion: