Administration and Support

Our work is truly collaborative. Our administrative employees support the ministries of United Methodist Communications through effective management, careful stewardship and strategic vision.

Executive Team

Our Executive team provides leadership for the agency and works closely with staff and leaders from across the church to extend and expand the ministry of The United Methodist Church by creating new products and developing new communications programs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Team recognizes the importance of good working conditions. A vital part of its task is ensuring that the right person is in the right job. Just as significant are the team's comprehensive special services: recruitment, payroll and benefits management, compensation planning, affirmative action compliance, and planning and coordination of internships and some staff training.

All of the team's work is directed at making United Methodist Communications a productive efficient church agency and fulfilling its mandate: to communicate faith through a variety of talents and resources.

Financial Services

Serving as stewards of assets entrusted to United Methodist Communications, team members manage the day-to-day tasks of securing financial resources for the agency to perform its functions.

Team members:

  • collect and apply payments received from customers,
  • process payments to vendors,
  • track agency fixed assets,
  • report to management the agency's operating results, and
  • work with internal and external auditors to ensure proper adherence to generally accepted accounting practices.

Information Technology

The Technology Team provides networking and information technology services to the agency and the church. The team is also involved in the strategic planning and implementation of technology across the various agencies of The United Methodist Church.

The technology team serves several audience groups:

  • United Methodist Communications agency staff,
  • customers of the agency's various departments, and
  • technology personnel within The Church's various organizations.

Web Ministry

The Web Ministry and Customer Experience teams develop and support our websites and strive to provide our users with the best experience possible in their interaction with our sites. These teams also closely collaborate with other boards agencies to create a web strategy and infrastructure for the entire denomination.

Facilities and Operations

The Facilities and Operations Team manages our headquarters building and provides essential services, including telephone, reception, office supplies and mail processing. The safety and comfort of employees and guests are priorities for this team. Operations team members also provide order fulfillment for the agency.

United Methodist Communications is an agency of The United Methodist Church

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