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  • United Methodist Communications conducted a study on how COVID-19 has impacted local churches.

    Impact of COVID-19 on United Methodist churches
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  • Leadership

    Former des leaders imprégnés des valeurs chrétiennes capables de diriger l’Eglise et le Monde.
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Ministère Numérique

Hybrid small group Bible study. Courtesy of Dave Lester, PCUMC photography team.

Engaging in small group ministry on Facebook

Facebook is wonderful tool for doing digital small groups ministry. Lori Jagow shares some tips and best practices for engaging people using Facebook Groups.

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Photo by Anna Tarazevich,

Ministères éthniques

Hispanic, Latino or Latinx?

With a significant portion of the U.S. demographic being categorized the Hispanic/Latino bucket, one can often get confused as to which term to use. In order to understand what each term means, we have to go back to the origin of the words themselves.

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  • Histoire

    Alejo Hernández: First person of Mexican descent to be ordained by the Methodists
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