Sponsored by SBC21 and The Black Church Matters’ coaches, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. February theme: Deeply rooted.

Invitation to prayer

Sponsored by SBC21 staff, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. Each video features a Scripture reading, a reflection on the passage, and a prayer starter. 

We invite persons to be guided by the prayer starter and then take a 5-10 minute pause to hear from God. Keep paper and pen close by to take note of how God speaks to you (audible voice, a memory, a song, etc.) Our prayer is that the practice of listening will help you hear more clearly.

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February #BeUMC Theme: Deeply Rooted

Church leaders are invited to utilize this resource for spiritual formation and collective prayer with their congregations based on the #BeUMC monthly content themes. You can download the videos to use in your worship and classroom settings as well as on your social media channels. 


Day 1: PS. 119:11 (Keeping God's word)

Michael Bowie talks about the importance of placing the Word of God in our hearts as we live out our faith.


Day 2: Ps. 130:5 (Waiting for God)

Candi Cyler reminds us that we need to have patience and faith as we wait for God to answer our prayers.


Day 3: EPH. 3:19 (God’s Boundless Love)

Ron Bell calls on us to celebrate God’s boundless and indescribable love for each of us.


Day 4: Eph. 4:32 (Loving One Another)

Carolyn Dandridge describes how being a Christian means to love one another as Christ loves us.


Day 5: 1 Col. 3:15 (Hearts of Peace)

Richard Stryker explains what it means to have a heart filled with the peace of Christ.


Day 6: eph. 3:17 (Rooted in Love)

Kevin Kosh talks about a faith that is deeply-rooted in the love of God and committed to living faithfully and justly.


Day 7: John 15:5 (Connected in Christ)

Toska Medlock discusses the parable of the Vine and Branches and explains how our connection to Christ is essential to our faith.