Diversity and Inclusiveness

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The #EndRacism campaign is an intentional and coordinated effort by The United Methodist Church to actively engage in the ministry of dismantling racism and promoting racial justice. Image by United Methodist Communications.

Creating room for all at the table

The United Methodist Church is committed to becoming a more diverse denomination — truly reflective of all nations. Welcoming people through your door is one thing, but truly including and giving voice to all people may be more complex. Whether the diversity is based on ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, abilities or other factors, there are ways to be certain that all are included.


Ethnic Ministries

11 facts about Native People in society and the church

GCORR has partnered with the Rev. David Wilson to create an infographic of facts about Native People for Native American Heritage Month.

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Diversity and Inclusiveness

What is Critical Race Theory and what Christians should know

Religion and Race has created an infographic to help church leaders explain what Critical Race Theory is to their congregations.