Sponsored by the SBC21 leaders, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter based on the #BeUMC theme, welcoming. August logo only..

Invitation to prayer

Sponsored by SBC21 leaders, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. Each video features a Scripture reading, a reflection on the passage, and a prayer starter. 

We invite persons to be guided by the prayer starter and then take a 5-10 minute pause to hear from God. Keep paper and pen close by to take note of how God speaks to you (audible voice, a memory, a song, etc.) Our prayer is that the practice of listening will help you hear more clearly.

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#BeUMC Theme: Welcoming

Church leaders are invited to utilize this resource for spiritual formation and collective prayer with their congregations based on the #BeUMC monthly content themes. You can download the videos to use in your worship and classroom settings as well as on your social media channels. 

Day 1: Galatians 3:28 (One in Christ)

Kevin Kosh reminds us that for all our differences, we are one people bound together in Christ’s love and grace.


Day 2: Romans 12:13 (Contextualized hospitality)

Terrell L. McTyre discusses the importance of contextualizing hospitality to the needs of different people.


Day 3: Mark 9:37 (All are welcome)

Laura Kigweba reminds us how Jesus calls on us to show hospitality to everyone, especially those looked down on or mistreated by our society.


Day 4: 1 Peter 4:8-9 (Hospitality shaped by love)

Tavares Stephens talks about how our Christian practices of hospitality must be grounded in our love of God and our neighbor.


Day 5: Matthew 25:35-36 (Love your neighbor)

Candice Wynn shares how her daughter’s response to a homeless person reminded her how we should show love to all our neighbors.


Day 6: Romans 15:7 (Radical acceptance)

Kylan Pew reminds us that just as Christ accepts us for who we are, we must practice that same radical acceptance of others to be his disciples.


Day 7: Matthew 5:48 (Perfect love)

Candi Cylar talks about striving to practice perfect love according to the example of God.

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