Sponsored by SBC21 and The Black Church Matters’ coaches, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. The theme for June is Justice-seeking.

Invitation to prayer

Sponsored by SBC21 leaders, this 7-day video series features 2-minute video devotionals accompanied by a prayer starter. Each video features a Scripture reading, a reflection on the passage, and a prayer starter. 

We invite persons to be guided by the prayer starter and then take a 5-10 minute pause to hear from God. Keep paper and pen close by to take note of how God speaks to you (audible voice, a memory, a song, etc.) Our prayer is that the practice of listening will help you hear more clearly.

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#BeUMC Theme: Justice-seeking

Church leaders are invited to utilize this resource for spiritual formation and collective prayer with their congregations based on the #BeUMC monthly content themes. You can download the videos to use in your worship and classroom settings as well as on your social media channels. 


Day 1: Prov. 21:3 (True Justice and Righteous)

Kevin Kosh talks about how God calls us to be just, righteous and compassionate in all things.


Day 2: Isa. 1:17 (Justice for All)

Cedric Jordan reminds us we are to seek justice and live righteously, not merely for ourselves, but on behalf of the meek and oppressed.


Day 3: Prov. 31:9 (Getting into Good Trouble)

Saun Hough says as followers of Christ we must be ready to “get into good trouble” as we advocate for the poor and boldly confront injustice wherever we see it.


Day 4: Zech. 7:9 (Show Love, Get Love)

Tabitha Rankin reminds us of our responsibility to extend to others the same love and grace God has offered to each of us.


Day 5: Prov. 28:5 (Understanding Justice)

Herbert Brisbon talks about how those who seek after God will better understand the meaning of justice.


Day 6: Amos 5:24 (A River of Righteousness)

Candi Cylar shares a story of a little girl’s journey to Atlanta to illustrate the importance of loving our neighbor as ourselves.


Day 7: Micah 6:8 (What God Requires of Us)

Domini Henry talks about what means to be just, merciful and humble children of God in our daily lives.


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