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World Press Freedom Day

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Your Gift Supports Communications For The Denomination Including UM News Reporting

In today's world we are threatened by the rise of disinformation. Trustworthy news reporting is a public necessity that allows us to build our foundation of understanding on solid information.

UM News, the official news gathering agency for The United Methodist Church, is a ministry of United Methodist Communications. It counters disinformation by covering the news of the global church with objectivity while striving to be thorough, balanced and inclusive of the voices, views and contexts of the denomination. Instead of just presenting one side of an issue, UM News provides a full and unbiased account that audiences can rely on.

These efforts require financial support. If you believe in our mission, consider a tax-deductible donation to the collective work of United Methodist Communications through the UMCom Foundation.

1.76M Site Visits  IN 2021
800 News Stories IN 2021
5 Languages 

Breaking News

UM News is a trusted source for the latest church news, disaster response and the church's connection to top stories in the headlines.

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Feature Reporting

Through insightful interviews and multimedia coverage, skilled journalists and photographers bring you in-depth features like this river ministry photo essay.

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Mission and Ministry

The power of the connection is evident through stories about the church’s ministries, including efforts to respond to COVID-19.

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Fair, Faithful, Trusted

United Methodist News' Chief News & Information Officer Tim Tanton speaks about reporting on sensitive issues that show the human dimension of stories through comprehensive, balanced and objective coverage. 
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World Issues

UM News brings to life the church’s response to events and issues affecting our world today, such as the plight of immigrants.

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Commentaries on a range of topics enable the exchange of ideas, such as an ongoing series about encounters with racism.

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Connect With UM News

Stay informed with the latest news impacting the UMC by subscribing to, following and liking UM News managed channels.

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