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Africa University Talking Points

Africa University
Serving God. All the time. Everywhere.

Use the following talking points during presentations about Africa University. Multimedia and print resources are available through the Africa University Development Office.

Changing Africa:
Learning Here. Living Here.
Leading Here. Serving God.
All the time. Everywhere.


Africa University Fund - A Shared Ministry

As one of the seven apportioned funds, our support of the Africa University Fund helps to continue the development of our university that provides world-class education for students who will be the future leaders working to transform the continent of Africa. Gifts to the fund support general operating costs of the university, while other gifts support scholarships and the endowment fund. When 100 percent of apportioned funds are given, churches annually support that transformation by annually educating nearly 1,600 African students from 23 countries, empowering more than 4,000 graduates and providing for Africa’s vital needs.


Africa University Profile

The university is meeting Africa’s needs related to business management and administration, church growth and development, disease prevention, education, ethical leadership, peace, leadership and governance and sustainable agriculture. This work is carried out through undergraduate and graduate programs in six faculties and one institute. The areas of study are: Agriculture & Natural Re-sources, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Administration, Theology and the Institute of Peace Leadership and Governance.

For more information about Africa University contact:

Africa University Development Office,
P.O. Box 340007,
Nashville, TN 37203-0007
Phone: (615) 340-7438

For brochures, videos and other resources about Africa University, visit umcgiving.org/AUF or call 1-888-346-3862.