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Audit Resources

Suggested Steps
Where do you start?  Here!

Sample Action Plan
Develop an action plan when begining an audit. Set the stage and get down to business.

Sample Mission Statement of Local Church Communications Ministry 
Define the communications ministry of your church.

 Tips for Facilitating Focus Groups
Use these tips to keep your groups on task. 

Sample Audit Purpose and Outcome Statements
Define the purpose and desired outcomes of your communication audit.

Sample Focus Group Questions
Twelve questions to use in guiding focus group discussions.

Sample Online Survey
Add this short survey to your church website to collect information from your online audience. 

Assessing Findings and Recommendations
Look for trends or themes.  Identify strengths.  Identify needs.  Develop recommendations and strategies.


Church Marketing Plan
Your church wants to impact lives, helping people know Christ and engage them through Christian discipleship. The way you can accomplish this is through your church marketing plan.

Rethink Church
What if church were a verb? What would it look like? Communicate the message that church isn't just about what happens on Sunday morning.

Develop communication skills within your congregation. 


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