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August 6 — World Service Fund (focus on General Commission on United Methodist Men)

Moment for Mission

"So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, 'For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been preserved.'" — Genesis 32:30, NRSV

Experiencing God and living out one's faith is not one size fits all. There is a uniqueness to our individual experiences of God, yet there also is a vital element to our existence as the church. This element involves those steps on our faith journeys that are taken alongside fellow believers. It is in the learning and acting out of our faith together that makes us the church.

There are many ways we, as United Methodists, are the church. One is through the work of the General Commission on United Methodist Men, which is supported by our apportionments toward the World Service Fund.

United Methodist Men is charged with resourcing men's ministry in The United Methodist Church. The group's mission is two-fold. United Methodist Men aims to help men grow in Christ. This is done in a variety of ways: Bible studies, mission activities and retreats are just a few examples.

The other goal is to introduce others to Christ. One of the ways UMM hopes to do that is by growing leaders among men in the local church. United Methodist Men hopes to train and disciple leaders that can demonstrate Christ in word and deed.

Our continued support of the World Service Fund will help further this mission. 

Offertory Prayer  

Mighty God, we lift the men of our church up to you on this day. May they grow to know you deeper. May their lives testify to your great love. May we generously give in order that all our brothers in faith continue to be equipped and led by you, as they grow in their leadership among us. Amen.  

From Discipleship Ministries: Ninth Sunday After Pentecost – O Lord, our God, your wisdom is beyond our understanding. You are the source of all goodness. Yet we chase after things of this world that do not satisfy. We spend our money foolishly and wonder why we still hunger in spirit. Thank you for patiently calling us to trust you with our whole heart. Refresh us by your Holy Spirit so that we may lead others to you. We give these offerings in the name of Jesus Christ, who multiplied the loaves and fish so that everyone had more than their fill. Amen. (Isaiah 55:1-5)

Newsletter Nugget

United Methodist Men is involved in many levels of church life, from Bible studies to mission projects. The members of United Methodist Men in local churches play a large role in helping the congregation to thrive and in carrying out the mission of making disciples for the transformation of the world.

United Methodist Men is committed to developing Christian leaders. The group works to train and disciple men as spiritual leaders in their homes and congregations, as well as in their communities, so that others may grow to know Christ.

United Methodist Men also is involved in developing young leaders. UMM is the arm of The United Methodist Church that endorses and supports partnerships with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Campfire programs, all organizations that support the training and development of caring young leaders.

The General Commission on United Methodist Men is supported by the apportionments from local congregations to the World Service Fund.