Christian Conferencing on Being a Worldwide Church

One of the most unique qualities of The United Methodist Church is that is a worldwide, connectional church.

As a global church, our mission is to do ministry and mission in the most effective manner as we work to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. To this end, it is imperative that church statements and practices accurately reflect the worldwide nature of the church. 

On May 11, 2016, General Conference delegates participated in small group sessions to discuss how the denomination can joyfully live out out its worldwide connection. 

The results of these discussions have been transcribed and are offered as a way of continuing the conversation. We invite you to review the quotes and the complete minutes from each of the groups

Church and Society A

"The Book of Discipline should show the foundations we agree on and let change occur within wide cultural contexts, but still resting on the solid foundation. Imagine everyone getting a ball of dough; the dough is made up of elements we all agree on, but let each culture/country stamp out their own design."

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Church and Society B

"Connectional means that one can go anywhere and feel like home."

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"A worldwide connectional church expands our vision to see a bigger reality."

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"It is time to stop being US centric, own it, and truly be a global church."

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Faith and Order

"If you only have a small amount to give, that your dollars are going to help others all over the world is exciting. To see the cross and flame is to know you are welcome, regardless of where you are in the world."

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Financial Administration

"When we meet together, we share what is successful in our ministry in our own areas. This sharing strengthens our work. When we are separate, we are weakened."

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Global Ministries

"We serve the God of the Universe. To be connected to God we need to become more connected to each other."

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Higher Ed and Superintendency

"We must acknowledge that our context is not all there is to the Kingdom."

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Judicial Administration

"Cultural context may be unique, but our core values remain the same.  They define who we are as one UNITED family."

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General Administration

"We are not searching for common ground we are searching for higher ground. We are united as United Methodists by means of grace, scriptural basis, the quadrilateral, the social principles."

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Local Church

"The Book of Discipline of The UMC helps us to provide and be in ministry with places beyond our neighborhoods in places that we couldn't reach on our own."

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