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Communication board advocates for mission together

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For Immediate Release
October 4, 2019 

Nashville, Tenn.: Meeting in Nashville, Tenn. on October 1-2, 2019, the board of the General Commission on Communication advocated for the use of effective communication practices to help bring the denomination together in mission.

The 27-member commission, which provides oversight for United Methodist Communications, proclaimed and affirmed the critical role that communication plays in disciple-making, as well as the future of the church. The board committed the global communications agency to lead a communication plan that emphasizes our mission together and provide resources to help with building skills for listening and engagement around the difficult issues currently facing the denomination.

“This statement is a call to action for our denomination to look at how we can be in mission together around the globe despite our differences,” said board member Tim Crouch, who proposed the statement that was subsequently adopted. “When we find the common ground in our mission, we have an opportunity to address our disagreements from a new perspective that is built on our mission together as United Methodists.”

The full statement reads:

“There are many good stories to be told about the work of The United Methodist Church around the world. Our ability to communicate is essential to our ability to tell people about Jesus Christ thus making disciples and transforming the world. Communication is the essence of any organization. Unfortunately, in recent years too many of us have lost the ability to communicate with each other in time of disagreement. We have forgotten how to listen to those with whom we disagree. As a result, we are wandering in the wilderness of our future as a denomination.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Directors of the General Commission on Communications of The United Methodist Church has voted to support legislation that strives for us to do mission together across the globe.

We plead for our churches to enter a period of prayerful reflection about what it means to be United Methodists. We seek the intervention of the Holy Spirit to lead us in learning to listen to those with whom we disagree. We are reminded that John Wesley told us that Methodists agree on the essentials of our faith and that on matters which do not strike at the roots of Christianity, we think and let think.

The board has directed UMCom staff to lead a communications plan that emphasizes mission together as The United Methodist Church. Part of that plan shall include teachings on how to engage those with whom we disagree, to learn how to listen and to hear what others are saying without becoming defensive or dismissive.

We are better together. Therefore, let us as a UNITED Methodist Church remember the admonition in Hebrews 13:16 that we are called “To Do Good and to Communicate Forget Not!”

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