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Connectional Giving Thank You Video

Dear Friends,

This video can be used in a variety of ways.

If your church will pay 100% this year, it is a heartfelt word of appreciation to your congregation.
If your church is still working toward 100% it can be used to encourage your congregation increase their percentage this year. You might even want to couple it with a special offering designated specifically for connectional giving.
And for every congregation this video can help to educate people about what connectional giving is and the tremendous ministry it is accomplishing for Jesus Christ here at home and all around the globe.

Please play this video during morning worship on any Sunday.

It is my sincere hope that this video will help to inspire the people in local churches to give generously so that we can not only match but even exceed last year's giving. If we all work on this together, in the true spirit of Wesleyan connectionalism, I know we can accomplish that objective.

So please download this video and use it in your worship. I am grateful to the laypersons from all around the district who participated in this video--and a special shout out to Edison Lee of Move Foundry who graciously provided his considerable expertise to make this video happen.

adapted, Rev. Wayne Plumstead, Palisades District Superintendent, Greater New Jersey AC