The Status and Role of Women

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Do No More Harm

Do No More Harm logo. Courtesy of COSROW 2021.
Do No More Harm logo. Courtesy of COSROW 2021.

All forms of sexual misconduct by clergy and ministerial leaders, including laity, are chargeable offenses within the life of the Church. The United Methodist Church acknowledges these violations and encourages reporting them immediately. The UMC is committed to responding in a way that holds all parties accountable and promotes healing. 

Do No More Harm is presented by the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women to provide guidance when there is a concern or complaint of sexual misconduct in The United Methodist Church. We acknowledge that sexual misconduct is perpetrated by clergy and by laity. Regardless of who commits the alleged offense, sexual misconduct is not to be tolerated in the Church. The chargeable offense of sexual misconduct may be filed by clergy or laity against clergy or laity. The roles, rights, and responsibilities of complainants and their support persons, respondents and their advocates, and annual conference officers are addressed in regard to each phase of a complaint process related to sexual misconduct.

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