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Eating your way through the Bible

Jill Plant, children ministries' director at Madras (Ore.) United Methodist Church, wanted to find creative ways to help her Sunday school class learn more about the Bible. After the elementary school-age children said they needed food to grow spiritually, Plant started the "Eat your way through the Bible" program at the church. She tailored lessons that involve food so the children can make connections to the Bible stories they are studying.

The story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people intrigued the youngsters. Teachers started the lesson with an appetizer. This started the discussion. For the second course, the children made baskets in which to put the food. For the third course, they learned the Scripture lessons, and for the fourth, they received a lunch bag – with only one food item. While thinking about the story, they realized they could share their food. Passing their bags around, they ate different items and had plenty to complete their meal.

When the children learned about Queen Esther, they used real dinnerware during a banquet feast. For the Garden of Eden story, they ate fresh fruit, and when they learned about Jacob and Esau, they enjoyed a warm bowl of stew.

"The children enjoyed the lessons," said Plant, and the teachers liked teaching them.

To learn more about "Eating your way through the Bible," contact Plant at [email protected]


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