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Jaime Gallaga: Faith leads to service

Practicing Faith at Work

Jaime Gallaga, a construction worker and member of Bainbridge Hispanic Mission (Casa de Vida y Paz) in Georgia, will always remember May 26, 2013. That was the day he asked Jesus Christ to come into his heart and life.

"That day," Gallaga reflected, "someone invited my wife to church. We were going through a hard time, so I went with her. During the service, I felt like Pastor David Diaz was talking about my life, and I felt something in my heart I had never felt before – the Holy Spirit." Gallaga went forward during the altar call and told God to send him wherever he was needed.


Gallaga was baptized in August 2013 and since then has worked on God's behalf whenever and wherever he can. "I feel peace in my heart and talk to my friends and family in Mexico about how Jesus Christ has made me happy. When I see coworkers going through hard times, I tell them Jesus Christ has control and that I will pray for them."

After a tornado touched down in Albany, Georgia, in January 2016, Gallaga organized a men's group from his church to take water and food to members of El Faro United Methodist Church. The group did this each day after work for two weeks. To this day, Gallaga stays in touch with his new-found brothers and sisters in Christ.

Gallaga also serves God as lay leader of his church and is a leader in the district. "I preach on Sunday when our pastor has to be out of town and I take care of the Friday night service. On Tuesday nights, I host a Bible study in our home."

When it comes to sharing his faith with others, Gallaga is a natural. "I never hesitate to share with people around me how great God is. If I don't tell others, how will they know about Jesus Christ?"

Cindy Solomon is a marketing consultant and freelance writer based in Nashville Tennessee.