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January 29 – Africa University Fund

A Moment for Mission


"God calls out to the skies above and to the earth in order to judge his people: 'Bring my faithful to me, those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.'"  -- Psalm 50:4-5, CEB

So far away. Another country. Another continent. Another culture. Yet, Africa University is close to the hearts of many United Methodists.

This year Africa University will celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year of providing education for more than 4,000 graduating students, the only General Conference-approved degree-granting institution of higher education supported by The United Methodist Church on the continent of Africa. They preach, teach, invent, train, cure and contribute. Knowledge gained at this "university of all of Africa" generates sustainable agriculture, prevents diseases and develops ethical leaders.

Bigy Ruhita, a graduate with a master's in public health, from the Democratic Republic of Congo returned home to fulfill her dream of assisting vulnerable people in her country. First, she helped grow a small hospital from two beds to 100. Then she worked with abused women. Next, she taught malaria prevention and distributed 10,000 mosquito nets throughout the DRC. Bigy continues to support women and is involved in health-care projects in her country.

Africa University is home of more than 1,500 students who come from 29 countries across the continent of Africa. They learn and work in a facility United Methodists have built — from the dormitories and dining hall to the Jokomo/Yamada Library and the Kwang Lim Chapel.

Your contributions open paths for Africa University students like Bigy Ruhita. When people work together to make the world a better place, we are not far apart at all.

Offertory Prayer

Loving God, you invite us on a trip outside our comfort zone.  You take us to a place we may never see to help people we may never meet. We ask for traveling mercies, God. Amen.

From Discipleship Ministries: Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany - Eternal God, we praise you for your priceless gift of Scripture! You shine light on the path of life, so that we may align ourselves with your saving purposes. Strengthen us by the power of your Holy Spirit and bless our partnerships with interfaith congregations. Help us to reach out to show your kindness to our neighbors. Give us courage to become more generous in every realm of our lives. We pray this in your holy name. Amen. (Micah 6:1-8) 

Newsletter Nugget

When graduates of Africa University talk about their alma mater, they say …

  • "During my four years at Africa University, so many doors opened for me that I thank God."
  • "Lovely friends I made at Africa University always lifted me up and reignited the passion and fire hidden within me."
  • "At Africa University, I have seen God's hand working in my life. I have surely grown to be the young, beautiful woman I am today."

Every day, Africa University enriches its students – and The United Methodist Church. Young men and women from more than 20 countries in Africa come to receive post-secondary education and post-graduate degrees in agriculture and natural resources, humanities and social services, theology, education, management and administration, health sciences, and peace and governance.

When we support the Africa University Fund, we assure promising men and women, "We believe in you." Your generosity to the Africa University Fund not only helps with scholarships, but also provides essentials like meals and study tools.

To learn more, please visit or

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