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July 16 – Ministerial Education Fund

Moment for Mission

To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. — Romans 8:6, NRSV

Life for our ordained clergy is not any less demanding than our laity. The varied voices that vie for their attention number as many as the ones in our own lives. Yet, we call upon our clergy to sift through those voices and be a guiding light in the midst of the noise of life. We call upon our clergy to help us navigate through the storms.

This is the call to a life in ministry, yet it is a call that cannot be fulfilled in isolation. Our clergy need support as they strive to set their minds on things of the Spirit. One of the ways The United Methodist Church does this is by training, equipping and educating. This is why The United Methodist Church has the Ministerial Education Fund as one of its seven apportioned funds. 

The Ministerial Education Fund supports the education of our deacons and elders in The United Methodist Church. Of the funds given by local congregations, 25 percent remains in local annual conferences for continuing education and scholarships. The other 75 percent goes toward current expenses at the 13 United Methodist seminaries in the United States. When we give to the Ministerial Education Fund, we are equipping and training our clergy to do their important work among us. 

Offertory Prayer
God of all wisdom, we lift up those who have been moved by your Spirit to shepherd and guide your people. Grant that they have opportunities to be equipped and prepared as they are sent out in your service. Inspire us to give in support of those who choose to pour themselves out for us. Amen. 

From Disciple Ministries: Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – O God of our salvation, your Word brings joy to our hearts. We find contentment in your presence as we pray and worship you. Enable us to focus on your Holy Spirit who brings life and peace. Inspire our congregation to reach out in creative ways to draw our neighbors into a closer relationship with you. Receive our gifts and offerings for the sake of Christ our Savior. Amen. (Romans 8)

Newsletter Nugget
The Ministerial Education Fund is one of the seven apportioned fund supported by local congregations across The United Methodist Church. The Ministerial Education Fund makes possible the training and education of ordained deacons and elders.  While a smaller portion of the fund stays within local annual conferences for assistance with scholarships and continuing education, 75 percent supports United Methodist seminaries. 

To ensure our clergy are well prepared for service in The United Methodist Church, they are required to attend schools that will emphasize our United Methodist doctrine and practice. Those schools include the 13 United Methodist seminaries supported by the Ministerial Education Fund: Boston University School of Theology; Candler School of Theology (Atlanta); Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, Calif.); Drew Theological School (Madison, N.J.); Duke Divinity School (Durham, N.C.); Gammon Theological Seminary (Atlanta); Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Evanston, Ill.); Iliff School of Theology (Denver); Methodist Theological School in Ohio (Delaware, Ohio); Perkins School of Theology (Dallas); Saint Paul School of Theology (Kansas City, Mo.); United Theological Seminary (Dayton, Ohio); and Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, D.C.).    

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