United Methodist Women

MIssion u Action 2019: Paid family and medical leave

A baby holds fast to his mother's hand. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.
A baby holds fast to his mother's hand.

In partnership with Family Values at Work. United Methodist Women advocates for paid family and medical leave as part of the Living Wage for All Campaign. 

Paid Leave is a Living Wage Issue

Paid family and medical leave is essential to guaranteeing all workers a living wage. Only 17 percent of the private sector workforce has access to paid leave. Low-wage workers are the least likely to have any paid time for caregiving, and they must take unpaid time off from work.

Loss of wages or a job means that even workers earning a living wage see their income drop well below what they need to live.

Unequal access to paid leave exacerbates inequity and reinforces gender and racial stereotypes. Women still shoulder a disproportionate amount of caregiving responsibility and often must quit their jobs or face getting fired to provide that care.

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