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Native American Ministries Sunday Giving Opportunity

Native American Ministries Sunday Giving Promo Card image
Native American Ministries Sunday Giving Promo Card image

Many United Methodist churches are using online technology to increase their visibility and to provide a convenient way to minister to their congregation. While traditionally celebrated after Easter, we recognize that it may not be realistic for all churches to observe Native American Ministries this year on April 26. We encourage you to find a time that works for your congregation. We have assembled a collection of resources that you can download to promote this Special Sunday.

Giving to Native American Ministries Sunday online is secure and easy. Please encourage your congregation to give online at  or mail checks to: Native American Ministries Sunday - GCFA, P.O. Box 340029, Nashville, TN 37203. You may also use this opportunity to launch your church's online giving. Contributions to Native American Ministries Sunday should be sent to your annual conference treasurer.

As you plan your worship service, please use the digital resources to enhance your Native American Ministries Sunday celebration. You will find children’s activities, youth guides and adult questions to be used at home as well as videos, offertory talks, liturgies, bulletins, sermons and more that can be incorporated into online worship. If you are not worshiping together online, we have created blog copy that can be used to encourage and remind your congregation of the ministry efforts in support of Native American Ministries Sunday.

Thank You...!

for your generosity in 2019!!!  You gave $541,784 towards the ministries funded by the Native American Ministries Sunday offering. This offering funds scholarships for United Methodist Native American seminarians, strengthens and develops Native American ministries and communities, both urban and rural, and supports Native American outreach at the annual conference level.

Though congregations may observe and give towards Native American Ministries Sunday at any time, they are encouraged to celebrate with a special offering on the Third Sunday of Easter, April 26, 2020.

Did you know we have resources to celebrate Native American Ministries Sunday?
Click here for everything you need to inspire and empower your congregation to give generously.

Need more information about Native American Ministries Sunday?
Click here to find out about our rich and long history of generosity. Our hope is to inspire you to learn more about the work we accomplish together through the ministry we call connectional giving.

We recognize many will not be able to use the printed envelopes created for Native American Ministry Sunday, but you can still support this Sunday by mailing checks to: 

Native American Ministries Sunday – GCFA
P.O. Box 340029
Nashville, TN 37203

Click here if you would like to order Native American Ministries Sunday printed envelopes