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Nov. 20 — UM Student Day (Preview)

Moment for Mission

"May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience …" — Colossians 1:11

"It comes from a voice in here calling me to be the person I was born to be, to fulfill the original selfhood given me at birth by God." These words were written by Thomas Merton, a monk and author in the mid-20th century about vocation, the work that each of us are created for and called to do.

A vocation is not something that is limited to clergy. We are all called to live into the kingdom of God as a member of Christ's church here on earth.

As the church, we need to help with the discernment of vocation among our members and then equip, prepare and support one another in the pursuit of becoming who we were created to be.

Some of our members will need to further their studies in order to answer this call upon their lives. Some may be called to work in the medical profession, some as engineers, and others as teachers. When one seeks to live out their vocation, they live with the desire to honor God with their hearts, minds and lives to carry out the work of God.

Next week is United Methodist Student Day, one of our six church-wide Special Sunday offerings and an opportunity to support and equip students in developing their gifts for service. Our giving on United Methodist Student Day goes toward scholarships that will help students offset some of the costs of making their education a possibility.

Offertory Prayer

God, we pray our students in colleges and universities have strength that they may endure to the end so that they may serve you in faith in the ways for which they were created. May they be supported by us, may they find their place to serve. Amen. 

From Discipleship Ministries: Last Sunday After Pentecost/ in Kingdomtide – Christ the King/Reign of Christ Sunday (Bible Sunday) - God of majesty, we praise you, for you are the king of the universe. You have conquered sin and death through the cross and resurrection of Jesus, your Son. Now he reigns with you on high. We are grateful that your kingdom abounds in forgiveness, righteousness, and peace. May Christ reign in our hearts, and may we may share his generous love with others. In joy, we offer our time, talents, and treasure to witness to your kingdom as we await the return of Christ in glory. Amen. (Luke 23:33-43)

Newsletter Nugget

Vocation is the calling we all have to employ the gifts and passion placed within us by God to carry our faith into the world. Next Sunday is United Methodist Student Day, one of our church-wide Special Sundays, where we as United Methodists turn our attention and offer our support to a specific ministry.

United Methodist Student Day is a day when we highlight the important task of equipping our United Methodist students with the education they need to continue developing the person that God created them to be. Our giving helps United Methodist students pursue their vocations and prepare them for a life of serving God, enabling them to acquire knowledge and develop the skills to carry out their calling and allow the work to become a response to God.

Our generous gifts on United Methodist Student Day go toward scholarships that will help students offset some of the costs of making their education a possibility.

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