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Resources to help Afghan refugees

Afghans at the Kabul airport on August 18, 2021. PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK
Afghans at the Kabul airport on August 18, 2021. PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK

As the world witnesses the humanitarian crisis occurring in Afghanistan, the Virginia Conference is providing the following resources to help aid your understanding and ability to care for refugees.

The Simple Steps You Can Take Now to Help Afghan Refugees –
*This resource from NPR gives some simple anyone can do in a matter of minutes to help Afghan refugees

Welcoming and Advocating for Afghan Refugees –
*This resource comes to us by way of the United Church of Christ. You’ll find an advocacy toolkit and information about how your church can become an “Immigrant Welcoming Congregation.”

Understanding Global Migration –
*Our United Methodist resources provide excellent Biblical and theological perspectives on global migration and refugees. Use this resource as a Bible study, with a Sunday school class, or in a sermon.

*If your church community is located in or near Fairfax County fill out the survey above from Fairfax County Interfaith. This survey will help faith communities in Fairfax directly respond to refugees coming from Afghanistan.

Podcast: No one left behind; Afghan Refugee Crisis

After nearly 20 years of war, the United States and its allies recently withdrew their forces from the country. The Taliban, in a matter of 10 days, quickly took control after being out of power since 2001. We chat with Bill Shugarts about how the church can help Afghan Refugee now. LISTEN HERE

Practical ways of welcoming, assisting refugees

More information from Bill Shugarts. READ HERE

Visit these sites

Afghani Refugees Assistance, Roanoke Area

The Blacksburg, Virginia, Refugee Partnership and Roanoke Refugee Partnership are working with Commonwealth Catholic Charities to assist several Afghani families who have already arrived in the Roanoke area. Additional families will be resettled in our area in the coming months. A list of needed items is available at the link below. Volunteers are also needed. Contact the Partnership organization in your community.

State Department recommendations

The State a Department has provided a list of the following Resettlement Agencies.
• Church World Service
• Episcopal Migration Ministries
• Ethiopian Community Development Council
• International Rescue Committee
• Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
• United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
• U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
• World Relief

Brenda Capen is the database manager/webmaster for the Virginia Annual Conference. Originally published by the Virginia Annual Conference August 20, 2021. Republished with permission by August 26, 2021.