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RSS Feed

So, what is an RSS feed? RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, and it is used widely on the Internet to distribute up-to-date content from websites or other Web presences, such as blogs, to feed readers. RSS feeds that you gather help you to stay on top of the news or other important content. RSS feeds that you distribute make it easy for others to view new content from you without having to remember to visit your website every day. Some popular feed readers and aggregators include:

One very handy way of using RSS is to copy and paste some XML code into your church’s website so that the United Methodist News Headlines appear on your site with new content every day. To learn how to place this content on your website or other Web presence, visit these sites:

It is possible to turn any page of your website into an RSS feed that others can subscribe to so they get new content delivered to them every time you add something on your webpage. Now, this is a bit more complicated than we have time to explore in this brief overview, but you can learn more about RSS and how to use it to deliver new content from your site to others by exploring these sites:


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