Souper Bowl of Caring

Souper Bowl of Caring Logo. Courtesy of Souper Bowl of Caring.
Souper Bowl of Caring Logo. Courtesy of Souper Bowl of Caring.

Since it began in 1989, the Souper Bowl of Caring has provided over $100 million worth of food and money to local hunger charities all across America. Every year young people collect donation through their churches, schools and other youth organizations for local food banks, soup kitchens and other charities for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

The Souper Bowl of Caring empowers young people – and often the adults who support them — to lead the way in combating hunger. Youth decide what local charity will receive the donations and give 100% of everything they collect. The Souper Bowl movement has expanded to encourage participating youth also to volunteer time at their chosen charity the Saturday before the big game.

There are many different ways youth can collect donations at their churches. Some simply take a special offering during worship on Super Bowl weekend (or during the previous weeks). Others host a charity lunch or other fund-raising event. Some solicit neighbors or their friends at school for donations or coordinate with other churches and organizations in the area.  

Participating groups are urged to register online, and pick a charity to receive the donations. FAQs and publicity resources are on the website. Youth can promote your collection and the larger Souper Bowl of Caring cause on social media by using the hashtag #tacklehunger!

Hosting a Souper Bowl of Caring collection in your congregation both provides food and assistance to those in need and empowers young people to make difference in their community and develop an ethic of service.

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