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Stewardship is relational

Image by devon, Courtesy of Ministry Matters.
Image by devon, Courtesy of Ministry Matters.

From the earliest days of John Wesley's ministry to the present, the people called Methodists have been bound by shared covenants built on strong relationships. The first Methodists were a testimony to the power of Christian relationships to transform the world as they gave their time, money and talents to serve God in incredible ways.

The Rev. Todd Outcalt argues that relationships are still the key to motivating United Methodists to engage in service and stewardship. It's begins with a proper relationship between each person and Christ, motivated by the desire to be Christ' disciple. This relationship is further supported by their relationships to other disciples who support them in their spiritual journey. Each small group, covenant and/or congregation relies on strong Christian leaders to who help the groups maintain healthy spiritual disciplines and encourage giving and acts of gratitude.

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Originally published by Ministry Matters August 1, 2018.