Marketing and Public Relations

We help tell the story of the Church and provide church leaders and laity with relevant news and information.

Strategic Marketing and Research

The Online Marketing Team develops marketing communications resources to promote the services and products provided by United Methodist Communications.

Through best practices, the team uses marketing research:

  • as a basis for creating marketing plans and new product development,
  • to promote products utilizing the most appropriate media form(s) for the audience (electronic, direct mail, Internet),
  • to develop better market segmentation and more deliberate message targeting, and
  • to deepen the agency’s relationship with clients and customers through its database marketing initiative.

Public Relations Team

The Public Relations Team works to increase awareness and understanding of the mission and ministries of The United Methodist Church through the dissemination and placement of news and information through the secular and religious media, including newspapers, radio, television and magazines. The team accomplishes this by:

  • linking journalists seeking a United Methodist perspective with experts on church issues in the U.S. and around the globe,
  • maintaining the United Methodist Press Center, an online resource for news media located at,
  • providing consultative services such as media strategy planning, public relations and crisis communications assistance to church agencies and annual conferences,
  • training church leaders and communicators on how to become skilled, articulate spokespersons, as well as how to handle crisis prevention, response and communication.

United Methodist Communications is an agency of The United Methodist Church

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