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Why have a UM Men charter?

Photo by Shaun Menary, Lightstock.com. Courtesy of United Methodist Men.
Photo by Shaun Menary, Lightstock.com. Courtesy of United Methodist Men.

A charter subscription connects the local church with the world-wide ministries of the General Commission on United Methodist Men. A charter subscription enables local churches to access resources relevant to men’s and scouting ministries. Additionally, the charter subscription aids in the development of new resources and training in the United States and around the world. 

The charter subscription has been the uniting instrument of United Methodist Men units for more than 50 years. The concept to unite local church units of Methodist Men with a national office was a grassroots idea at the beginning of men’s work. 

Men gladly provide volunteer service and provide financial support for many civic and service clubs. They do this willingly year after year. All the familiar civic service and para-church religious organizations are chartered through a national or international organization. All such national or international organizations are supported by dues of member organizations. Members never question that each local unit must be chartered. Yet, when it comes to supporting a national service organization that is a part of the church, some ask, “Why have a charter subscription? Why should a local United Methodist Men’s unit make annual contributions to the General Commission on United Methodist Men through a charter subscription?” 

United Methodist Men’s units have charter subscriptions for the same reasons that a local church makes annual contributions to the general church through World Service and Conference Benevolences. Our church is a connectional community of believers under the Lordship of Christ offering a covenant relationship between people. A charter subscription supports the worldwide ministries of the commission. 

Because of the uniqueness of ministry for and to men, the limited amount of general church funds is insufficient to provide for the direction, oversight, administration and maintenance of this specialized mission. 

The international office and staff of the commission provide direct service tor local units, cluster groups, districts, conferences, and jurisdictional organizations. They also support the National Association of Conference Presidents. Each of these important structures provides opportunities for men to be in mission and ministry together. Our goal is to increase the local unit’s effectiveness in mission and ministry through opportunities not available through any other source. 

The charter subscription benefits to a local unit include a program book and other resources provided in the annual President’s Packet; the UMMen Magazine; our website (www.gcumm.org); a service office able to respond to inquiries by phone, e-mail and letters; staff-led training events in every part of the nation; officer training; and staff representation on several denominational and inter-denominational agencies. 

The GCUMM staff also oversees and manages the resource and training development and mission and ministries that are funded by United Methodist Men. The staff works with the National Association of Conference Presidents and the United Methodist Men Foundation, to support men’s ministries and scouting ministries.  The staff also manage the National Gathering of United Methodist Men held every four years. 

Three important functions of the annual charter recertification are: 

  1. The annual charter subscription recertification updates the names and addresses of current officers to ensure that current mailings reach the proper hands.
  2. The charter subscription and annual recertification as stated in The Book of Discipline (¶2302) is the key that links men’s units around the world. Witness and strength are measured by annual growth of current chartered units.
  3. Financial contributions provide 75 percent of the commission’s administrative, mission, program and resource-development budgets.

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