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Using Canva to create eye-catching (but easy) church graphics

This screencast tutorial dives deeper into online design tools churches can use to create eye-catching communication materials like sermon aids, posters, bulletins and social memes.

Previously, MyCom hosted a few podcasts about social media graphics:

Canva and Crello

Canva and Crello work similarly to Adobe Spark but can help create a broader breadth of communication materials. They both work in a similar way, but Canva provides specific tools to work better as a team and maintain a consistent brand look and feel. Also, Canva for Work is free for nonprofits, which puts it at the top of my list.

In this screencast, we'll guide you through the steps in using Canva.

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Screencast Notes (.doc)

Eric Seiberling

Eric Seiberling is part of a husband-wife duo working to help the church embody "1 > 99" at He leverages his 20+ years of marketing and consulting experience to help churches "baptize" and use secular techniques to be more effective at reaching the lost, the least and the last for Jesus Christ.

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