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Welcome Home, Veteran: My Son, My Daughter

They give up comforts so we can live in freedom. They leave their families behind to protect ours. They return changed by their experiences and are in need of our love and support.

As you celebrate Veterans Day, giving compassion to those who serve and their families, think about how your congregation can find opportunities to support them year round.

Below you'll find tips and ideas for honoring and supporting veterans and military families on Veterans Day and beyond.

Worship Resources

Our free Veterans Day resource bundle includes sermon starters, an order of worship, worship graphics, a direct mail poster and bulletin covers that can be used for a Sunday service or an off-site celebration/commemoration service. 

Free Graphics to Download

Get Involved

The list below includes information from other United Methodist agencies regarding Veterans Day and military support. Explore each to learn more and collect more ideas to use locally.