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Why I give to the Legacy Fund


by Ann Davis

Ann Davis

I have been given the honor of writing about why I give to the Legacy Fund of United Methodist Women and why I have included the fund in my planned giving.

The Legacy Fund was created to insure that ministry for women, youth and children would continue. When eight women founded our organization in 1869, they saved pennies to begin building schools and missions. I look back to those beginnings, and what those women sacrificed so that United Methodist Women could be in mission around the world. With the same boldness, fortitude and faith of those founding women, we can give to the Legacy Fund to make certain our mission of caring for the least of our brothers and sisters will go on for another 150 years. I want to insure that we will serve the women of the future and that we continue to empower women, children and youth.

Personal Story

That speaks to the general reasoning behind giving. But everybody has a personal story, and mine is closely connected to the story of United Methodist Women. My Granny introduced me to serving others when I went with her to circle meetings. My parents taught me through their actions to be concerned for the least of our brothers and sisters. When I was in high school, my mother provided a house and helped mentor a family from China that came to my hometown seeking a better life. I chose to become an educator because of my love for children.

Now it is my duty to care for others. I chose to be active in United Methodist Women and have been in leadership positions for 40 years. I choose to support United Methodist Women and the Legacy Fund through planned giving because I have been blessed by God’s abundance. It is my duty to be faithful and abundant to others. I want to be an example for present and future leaders of United Methodist Women. Please join me in giving to the Legacy Fund.

Posted or updated: 11/2/2018 12:00:00 AM