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With only a cellphone ...

If you have a cellphone, think about the different ways you use it in a day. Then consider how you might use it as a tool for ministry and mission. Here are some suggestions from United Methodist Communications staff (and some of the tools and apps you might use). While many of these require a smartphone – one that can access the internet – you can accomplish others with almost any cellphone.

With only a mobile phone, you can ...

  • ... speak to or, even better, SEE someone halfway across the world in real time.
  • ... write notes of encouragement on various "walls."
  • ... record an inspiring video message to send to the sick and shut-in (IBM Cloud Video, Instagram, YouTube).
  • ... find directions to the nearest church or invite families to visit (Google Maps, United Methodist Find-A-Church).
  • ... share videos for Bible studies, sermons, or even humorous inspiration (IBM Cloud Video, Instagram, YouTube).
  • ... conduct Bible study with a remote leader (iPhone FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype).
  • ... participate in a small-group face-to-face Bible study (Skype, Google Hangout, iPhone FaceTime, Tango, Viber).
  • ... share Bible verses with youth groups, singles groups or marriage groups (GroupMe, Google Hangout, Kik).
  • ... take pictures of important events and share with your community.
  • ... find stories from United Methodist News Service.
  • ... access denominational, conference and local mission websites.
  • .... share documents, photos or prayer resources (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Google Drive, DropBox).
  • ... research and purchase needed supplies.
  • ... relax and relieve the tension and stress of ministry with games, apps and other activities.
  • ... relieve the loneliness of a family member, friend or missionary overseas.
  • ... send and receive money (mobile money, such as mPesa).
  • ... watch a lifesaving video (
  • ... read a book unavailable in print at your location.
  • ... tell a story to a global audience.
  • ... send a text message to a large group of people to warn them about impending violence or provide medical alerts (FrontlineSync).
  • ... obtain insurance that will provide a midwife during labor, or cover the cost of agriculture/crops lost.
  • And with only the donation of an old simple cellphone, you can ensure that a community health worker receives a phone he/she needs (

United Methodist Communications staff

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