Church / Conference Resources

Church and Conference Resources

United Methodist Communications provides services and products that support your congregation’s connections to your local community and to the global church.  Many products are available at no or low cost, whether you need videos for your church or resources to promote giving, your church website needs hosting or you want to know more about the latest social media and technology tools. We are ready to perform holistic communications audits for annual conferences and provide local church advertising support. Look through this section to find other ways we can help you.
The United Methodist Church's special giving structure ensures your generosity blesses as many people as possible in sustainable, strategic ways. Our connectional system connects your local congregation to our global denomination of more than 12 million members across four continents. Photo illustration of hands in work gloves by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.


Explore the connectional ministry of how we give, why we give and how we achieve this locally and globally. Find ready to use resources like videos, social graphics, pre-written content, worship resources, age level material and so much more.
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The "Dismantling Racism: Pressing on to Freedom” initiative is a multi-level effort throughout the church to initiate a sustained and coordinated effort to dismantle racism and promote collective action to work toward racial justice.


Share the message of The United Methodist Church with resources from our national campaigns. From standing against racism to living as the people of God or just finding hope — we have graphics, videos, t-shirts, hats and more to help you spread the word.

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Get share-worthy tips and videos on church communications, marketing, social media, outreach and new technology in our biweekly e-newsletter.
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Each Social Media Shareable download set contains graphics created for your social media platforms. Select the season to review social media designs available.


Our Graphics Library provides social media shareables for church and secular seasons for use by church organizations free of charge.
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Craig Catlett prepares for a webinar titled, "7 Ways to Promote Your Church Event on Facebook." Catlett is a training and development specialist at United Methodist Communications. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communicaitons.


We offer a variety of webinars and online trainings to help you enhance your communication skills as well as keep you informed about the latest resources and church initiatives. We have prices from free to very low cost.

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Isaac Broune, intern with the French Content Team at United Methodist Communications, works on the website of the French portal. Broune is a Vanderbilt University Divinity student from Côte d’Ivoire. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist News Service


We are called as members of the body of Christ to share our faith by speaking and listening to persons inside and outside of the Church. To achieve this, we must speak multiple languages and provide resources and material to help you achieve this call to action.
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