Put our experience to work in your local church. Learn how to create and implement a marketing plan to connect your congregation with your community. Master online communications via a church website, electronic communications and social media. Develop a welcoming congregation. Take online classes from experts in web ministry, local church vitality, giving and the basics of The United Methodist Church

United Methodist Communications offers church training courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective church leader.


Communications Training

Church training live, online and through do-it-yourself opportunities will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective church leader.

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Production Services - Rethink Church Shoot

Production Services

UM Productions provides video, audio and post production services — all at an economical price. Our clients depend on us to produce a wide variety of projects.

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Training Request Form (Face-to-face): United Methodist Communications Training can bring half-day or full-day workshops directly to your annual conference or districts. Request a face-to-face training by completing the Training Request Form.

Video Facilities: Learn about our studio and soundstage, audio recording facility and post-production wing

Local Church Grants: United Methodist Communications offers marketing services and promotional grants to United Methodist congregations who are active in their communities and need support and guidance in reaching new people in new ways.