Memorandum Number 1078


October 26, 2007

Review of Bishop's Decision of Law in the Iowa Annual Conference Concerning the Meaning, Application and effect of ¶ 613.3(c) of the 2004 Book of Discipline.

During the 2007 session of the Iowa Annual Conference, a written question of law was asked on a pending legislative item and its possible conflict with ¶ 613.3(c) of the 2004 Book of Discipline. The question of law stated, "I request a rule (sic) of law from the bishop concerning whether [Action Item] 1006.8 [Conference Mission Giving] is in conflict with ¶ 613.3(c)." During the continued debate on Action Item 1006.8, the Bishop ruled that Action Item 1006.8 did not conflict with ¶ 613.3(c) of the Discipline. Ultimately, the portion of Action Item 1006.8 to which the question of law pertained was deleted and a substitute motion was adopted which removed the language to which the question of law pertained from the legislation adopted.

The Judicial Council has jurisdiction under ¶ 2609.6 of the 2004 Book of Discipline.

Since the original Action Item 1006.8 had been deleted and a substitute motion was made and adopted following the Bishop's ruling, the Bishop's decision of law was moot. The Annual Conference's final approved action, which stated, "Funding for Conference Mission Giving and Conference Benevolences to be apportioned," fully complies with ¶613.3(c) of the Discipline.


The Bishop's decision of law is moot and of no effect because subsequent legislative action deleted the provision which was the subject of the question and decision of law.

James W. Holsinger, Jr., Jon R. Gray and Shamwange P. Kyungu were absent. C. Rex Bevins, the first clergy alternate, and Solomon Christian, the first lay alternate, participated in this decision.

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